Rogers Family Genealogy
From Jamestowne, VA to Birmingham, AL
1594 - 2016
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Welcome to the John Rogers Family Genealogy website. This site is dedicated to linking tens of thousands of John Rogers' descendants from all over the world and reaching out to others who may have additional information on this particular ancestry. The extensive research by Maurice Rogers has linked the lineage of his ancestor, John Rogers of Jamestown, Virginia, to his immediate family in Birmingham, Alabama. He later published John Rogers Genealogy: From Jamestown to Birmingham in 1989 which you will learn more about in the following pages.

In 2009, the 2nd Edition was released which included information of John Rogers I's life in England before he traveled to Jamestown and of the 13th descendant Haley Marshall Rogers. Click on the link below to purchase a copy of this book!

We certainly look forward to your feedback and welcome your assistance in this genealogical journey.   


John Rogers Genealogy: From
Jamestowne to Birmingham

                      2nd Edition
         (click below to buy book!)

Greek Rogers in front of his
cabin home

(ca. 1940)

 (click below to view photo gallery)



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